ID for smooth scrolling

Hi Vlad

Just a quick question regarding you answer from 9. nov. 2014 regarding smooth scrolling to another fellow here on the forum.
When I use you suggestion “#site-navigation” I hit the services row perfectly. However if I use the normal ID #services the heading is not visible.
Do you have similar special ID for the other page parts e.g. #latest_news, #Employees etc…
My problem is that if I use the standard ID the heading is not visible.

My webpage:
The welcome are “scroll down” button works perfectly but “about me” not so good as the heading is not visible.

thanks and thanks for a great theme

Well, the menu bar has a fixed position so it covers the title. Not much can be done about that other than stop it from floating. But the title is visible because of the opacity of the menu bar.

Two more things:

  • change #Employees to lowercase letters
  • the social widget you’re using is meant for the sidebar, use the one marked with FP.