Icons not showing

This is what my website icons look like. Is there anyway i can fix this?. when i check the site through my phone the icons pop up. they only dont show when i visit the site on a computer. ive tried different browers and nothing.

Social Media Profile icons
Social Media Icons

Services Icons

did you install browser extension like adblock? if so, please add your site url to the adblock whitelist

awan, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately thats not it. i double checked to see if i even have that extension but i don’t. Ive spent all day trying to figure it out but nothing yet. It seems im not the only one with this issue. I hope theres a fix. Any other suggestion?

Post a link to your website please. You’re website is probably http://www.site.com instead of being http://site.com

I am having the same problem, did you ever solve this issue?