Icon not displayed on modifyed URL to WWW... and more

dear all,

we have an issue on our site. we just finished to improve our page under lnx wordpress editor. but while we are under lnx host all is ok. we want a site host www… when we change the URL on general settings page (under WP-ADMIN) from LNX to WWW:

  1. the icons (SiteOrigin and Sydney Tool plugin) are not displayed
  2. live editor stuck
  3. some pages are not displayed (oops! page not found)

last year we started with windows hosting (html pages). now we have a whole new site under WordPress linux hosting (LNX).
the provider (ARUBA) told us that the redirect to LNX site is the only way to publish our new site.
is it the correct way?
is there an alternative way to publish our new WP LNX site under WWW URL?

waitin’ for your kind reply, as soon as possible.

best regards


Hard to say exactly without seeing, but I’ll try to help.

  1. If you use http://www.yoursite.com/ instead of http://yoursite.com it’s seen as a separate site and therefore might trigger a CORS issue on some browsers. You can find on the web how to handle CORS issues and have exceptions for icons, but my recommendation is that you simply use the non-www version.
  2. Could be the same reason as above.
  3. I have no idea to be honest. You could try to go to Settings > Permalinks and click on Save without making any changes. This should flush all permalink rules and might help.

Your host is most familiar with your exact situation so if they have a suggestion it’s probably correct. We handle only theme support here so can’t really help you much with that. Thanks for understanding.