Icon for SiteOrigin Features

There are some icons (SiteOrigin Features) that doesn’t appears in my front page accessing by my computer and notebook, but accessing by my Iphone and Ipad it is ok.

How can I solve this problem?


My website

Hello fabi,

your site looks broken (not styled). Did you change anything?

Best regards,


I did not change anything, however I’ve already deleted and reinstalled the theme.

This hasn’t solved the problem.

Do you have any hint to solve this problem ?

Thank you.


I really don’t understand it, but your site looks like that: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/150927/vyftgv77.png

But if I watch it from my smartphone I can see your site. The only thing that I cant see are your styles.

The thing is, if I can’t see anything, I can’t help you. Is there anyone who can see it on the PC?

Edit: I took a look at your site with the PC from my brother - there everything is normal. I saw that the icons are missing and tested the icons on my site. It worked there. Which PlugIn do you exaclty use?
You said you updated it? Maybe there is a problem with the PlugIn and others. Did you try to turn some off and test it then? It seems that the icons have a mistake in the code. Where the icon is normally, you have got just a box.