Icon Font does not display on Chrome


I can not see my icons in chrome browser. could you help me please.

thank you

Hello there,

Please take a screenshot of SO button widget settings – which icon you chose – so I could reproduce it on my test site and troubleshoot it.


Hi Kharis,

thank you for your help!

I tried the same setup in my test site and the icon is displaying fine. I checked yours once again and the web browser’s console tool is displaying CORS issue.

Follow this discussion to get the solution of it.


Hi Kharis.

I do not want try it alone. The site is online. Und I do not allow to broke it now.:frowning:
But Kharis, I do not understand it now, but right now I can see all icons in chrome.
could it be for the reason that I changed all URLs?

Please take a look one more time.


Since this issue actually resides in your server side, I’d highly recommend you contact the support department of your hosting service. As they’re aware, I believe they’re aware to help you with it.