I want to add a drop-down menu in my footer menu



I have 2 languages for my website. I want to put the language switching option on my footer1 widget with a drop-down menu, like Airbnb’s footer menu.

Please offer me the CSS code or ways to do this. Thanks!



Please try this plugin for multisite language switcher, so maybe you can add a language switcher which you would like using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-language-switcher/

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Hi again,

As I have used the Polylang plugin to translate my website, do I need to re-translate all over again if using your suggested plugin?


May I have any support here, please?



No, you will don’t need to re-translate the theme, just that plugin offers a widget for a language selector, like the one you requested ( not the same design, but functional something similar ).

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