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I need the CALL TO ACTION BUTTON to scroll down to the page list on the startpage. How do i do that?

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I would like to apologize in advance for I can’t get your objective clearly. Could you please elaborate the “scroll down to the page list”? If possible, please provide a screenshot with annotations. Post it here http://postimage.org/

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hello there started to built my site with sydney theme just added the client widget of sydney the main issue is that i inserted the clients logo by the procedure and it displayed on homepage aswell but there is a big gap on left and right between all logos what to do to reduce this to allign them look well plz guide.

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I would be happy to take care of this for you.

Could you pleas start your own topic here, scroll down until you get the "Create New Topic in “Sydney Pro” box? It will make us easier to provide an assistance one by one.

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i dont know how else i can put it…
CALL TO ACTION BUTTON to scroll down to our startpage: kingofspins.com

You probably want it to scroll down to the Följ oss title?
In this case add this in the button URL field instead of what you have now: #lsi_widget-2. Or if you want it to go further down you can add #primary.
If you want it to also go to your homepage from any page and point to one of those two areas I mentioned above, you can add this http://www.kingofspins.com/#lsi_widget-2 or http://www.kingofspins.com/#primary.

Thnx Vlad! :slight_smile: