I need help with code

i need to code my header to white and a larger font but i dint know how.

i also nedd to put my email in the footer in white and a little larger but again dont know how, can someone help?

i need it with my header in tbere!


can you share your site URL here?



I’m using your theme on my wordpress website. However, there were two problems when using the mobile version of the site. http://sindalesc.org.br/

  1. My site is offering two viewing options in the mobile version. In the first access to the site, the “view mobile site” version appears, which appears without configuration. Then, the user needs to go to the footer of the site and select the “view full site” option.

  2. My submenu links are not opening in the mobile version. Only the main menus open. It’s as if the submenus did not exist.

If you can help me or clarify something you are doing wrong, thank you.

Thanks, Diego Borges

Hi @bordiego,

Please create new thread for your issue. One thread one issue please :slight_smile: