I mucked up my site

Somehow, I’ve managed today to alter a setting for my site. I have zero chance of finding out what I did.

The header images are 1920px wide. I believe the text areas is also 1920px. However when you view the home page (and all remaining pages) there is now a drastic difference in width.

Is there a way to identify the default setting for everything that can be found in the “Customize” settings?

Help me!! :slight_smile:


Ooops! I forgot to include my web address:


Thanks to all who may have the answer.


Looks like you changed your header image from cover to contain. See Customize > Header area > Header image please.


What I’m seeing is the white area designated for text and sidebar is now larger than the header image. I have no way to know how this occurred.

Can I create an administrator acct for you to look it over?

It did look like the screen grab below yesterday am. The logo, page links and Contact us text/sidebar were all contained in the area designated for the header picture (1920). When I back out of the editor and view the finished page, it falls back to a much larger content width. Sigh!! 