I have a couple of Problems with simple solutions that I just cant figure out!

Hey there,
I have a couple of problems on my Moesia site that should be really simple to fix but for some reason I cant get them right:

  1. Social Media Row:
    I only have 1 or 2 Social Media links and I cant get them to position in the center of the row.

  2. Employees Row
    My employee’s pictures are all different sizes and it looks really bad, I want them to all be on the same level and the same size. Any code or plugins that will allow me to do that?
    Also is it possible to make the employee pictures circle?
    And last question, I want to add an Instagram Link to each employee is that possible? If yes how?

  3. Random Links,
    I want to Link to my profile on multiple different sites, I know that I can just do a custom url but how do I add the website im linking to’s icon?

  4. The menu bar and Main photo:
    I want to make the menu bar smaller and have it positioned all the way at the top, above the main photo.
    I also am trying to reposition the photo as it dosnt show the whole photo and I want the bottom half to be the main part.

Ive been struggling with all of these for over a week, anyone that can help will be much appreciated!!!

link to website: http://creationsmarketing.altervista.org/


Please create a separate topic for each of those issues in order to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.