I don't see Customizer option

I see a lot of references to Customizer - but can’t find it.

The closest thing I see is the “Customize” option under Appearance - but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re referring to.

Please advise - thanks.


It would be really helpful to know how to find this, and use it. Thanks.


Really sorry for the delay, looks like we missed your topic.
Yeap, that’s the Customizer, from Appearance > Customize.

Thanks - the reason I asked the question is that there are a lot of options I don’t see.

If you would like to customize some things and there isn’t an option for that you can let me know and I’ll probably be able to help with some custom code.

options I don’t see - this would imply you saw them somewhere around here and you expected them to be in the theme? Could you please clarify so I can understand exactly what you mean?

I saw a suggestion somewhere to uninstall all plugins, and then reinstall one by one.

I did something similar (deactivated all plugins, reactivated only the plugins I know I need, currently) - and now, I can see the customizer options that were missing before (i.e. Slider, Instagram, etc.)

And so - problem resolved.

Thanks for your help.