I can´t set Projects link on the Menu

First of all, sorry about my english… I´m from Argentina!! hahaha

I´m making a website (www.mundoecolecua.com.ar) and I like to set a link on the “Productos” item menu that leaves me beside the Slider… on the Productos row.

I tried to use the Chrome dev tool, but I can´t find the IDs for the row…

I think I am doing anything wrong

Can u help me please???

Hi XG,

you can use this link #primary as your custom link menu (Productos menu)

Thank you so much Awan!! this works ok!!

mmmm no… It works on the Home page, but if I am on the “Contacto” section for example, the link does´t take me to the “Productos” page…
How can I fix It?

How about this http://www.mundoecolecua.com.ar/#primary ?