I can t see all my projects on my front page

Hello I ve create 47 projects (and want to create more) and on my static front page I can only see 30 links there is no logic on which one I can t see.
I create all these page by the same way.
I ve check all the option and put the option projects to show at -1 to see all of them.
i also realize that I can t see all the category.
Is there a limit for the projects I can create ??

my website is: www.geraldladoul.com
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First thanks for using our theme!

Please try kepp empty the field with the number of posts to show.

If even so the problem still persists, we will need investigate the code directly from your site. Thus I request sharing your website’s temporary admin login link and send it privately to me over email. You can generate the link with this plugin.

P.S.: Ensure the link expiry is set to 7 days and all admin rights are enabled.



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aThemes Support