I broke my site please help!

I was adjusting the logo size in the style sheet and for some reason my text on the slider disappeared and my second image is all crazy like it is tiled. Not sure what I did wrong :frowning: I can send you my user and pass to login if it helps.


Thank you for all your help!

Sorry this is in the wrong theme.

Hi Don,

Thanks for using our Sydney theme. Iā€™m sorry to hear that you ran into some issues while editing the CSS. As I can see the text as well as a proper second image I assume that you were able to solve the issue on your own?


I am not sure how I fixed it! When I went to bed last night it still was not working. I was working on my home PC and now I am back to work but I to see it working here at work. My wife said it still looks wrong at home. I use Chrome in both places. Any ideas?