I broke my head against the columns



This is an awesome theme, but I can’t figure out how to display 3 pages “blocks” in the form of 3 columns on the homepage of my site gleegloo.com !

All I want to do is to have 3 static “boxes” (pages) under the main banner. All I get is one!

Can you please help?

Thanks :slight_smile:


(PS: these need to be always the same pages, not changing each time I post a new post or page!)



That’s not possible with the current theme setup. The columns you see in the demo are actually posts.


OMG !!! Something so basic !!! Not possible !!! Whyyyyyyy!!!

So the only way to have 3 columns is using posts? And the homepage will therefore change each time I make a new post? :-o


I’m not sure why exactly were you expecting this to be possible. Alizee is a blogging theme, it has little to no need for static blocks on the front page. But you can probably use a page builder plugin to achieve this.


OK. Thank you for replying fast. I appreciate that.


PS: A page builder helped a lot. Thanks again for this great theme.