On my website www.wopicoaching.nl, i would like to make internal hyperlinks, but they don’t work. For example i would like the word ‘contactgegevens’ on my homepage to link to www.wopicoaching.nl/contact. In my CMS links are visable in the visual setting of that page and also in the html-code (text setting). But after updating it is not visable on the live screen/page of wopicoaching.nl. I also tried the LINK button in the editor. But that also doesn’t work.

Please help me.

Kind regards, Manon

Dear Manon,

Thank you for reporting.

I’m afraid that I can’t replicate the issue on my end.

I noticed that you are using the older versions of Sydney theme and Page Builder plugin. Could you please try to update them? Let me know how it resolves the issue.


Hi Kharis,

Can you tell me how i can update the Sydney Theme and the Page Builder plugin? I can’t find this option in my dashboard (or i am looking at the wrong places ;-)). I looked at the plugins to update Page Builder by SiteOriging, but there is no newer version available. Other plugins have the possibility to select a newer version, but not this one. So i don’t know how to do it.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards Manon