HUGE Margins at Top & Bottom of Site Pages

How can I eliminate the large margins at the top and bottom of the Site Pages. Their is no problem on the Home Page, but the Site Pages default to an super big margin.

Also, I don’t want to effect the side to side margins on the Site Pages. ONLY the top and bottom margins. Thank you very much.

I did try code from another post and it effected the side margins too besides eliminated the top and bottom margins. The effects to the side margins were terrible because it eliminated the horizontal stability of the mobile rendering. Thank you much!

I am working on

Hello there,

Your front page uses Front Page template (see Page Attributes box in the page editing panel). You inner pages should use the same page template.


Thank you, Kharis. I have started using Sydney Pro with the Front Page template for the Front Page. And I have selected the Elementor Full Width template for other pages in the site, the Site Pages.

Is this the wrong approach. I am confused. Do I use the Front Page template for every page? How does this work.

I am trying to eliminate the HUGE margins at the top and the bottom of this page (and every other Site Page I create):

You can see the HUGE margins imposed by the theme with no way to eliminate with my current method. What is the best practice - to not have those margins?

Thank you, Kharis.


Hello there,

Front Page template option can be used for other pages and it won’t break your existing page which is assigned as front page. Because it will only load layout style.


So really? There is not a way to eliminate the margins? At the top?
And the bottom? Of regular Elementor Full Width template Site Pages?

Building a website - and using the Front Page template, for every page -
seems problematic.

For instance, I want a slider on the Front Page. And either an image on
the site pages or the Menu Only option. This is not a good approach.

How can I eliminate the margin? At the top? And the bottom? On the
Site Pages? I don’t want to use the Front Page template - for Site
Pages. There must be a way.

Thank you very much.


Hello Dan,

Please try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .page-template-elementor_header_footer .page-wrap, .page-wrap .content-wrapper{
      padding-top: 0;
      padding-bottom: 0;


I works, Kharis! Perfectly it seems. On the computer browser and mobile renderings. Thank you!

Again, I highly recommend this as a default setting in the theme in the next upgrade. There is no compelling reason to force a developer to have a margin and the top and bottom of the Site Pages.

A developer can easily put the margins if they want margins, but forcing the margins and requiring custom code to eliminate seems like the long way to get there.

Thanks again.