Hi there,
I have a repeative problem and i couldnt find any solution, please somebody help me.


  1. Sometimes on main page, greatmag displays colums in a funny way and doesnt display hero image.
  2. Even not adding, i see a sidebar on my main page (I believe i can fix it but i want to impress that i didnt add it and suddenly it became visible on main page).
  3. Accordion doesnt work.
  4. Instagram feed doesnt load.

Checked already:

  • Disabling all plugins and healthchecking the site
  • Updating all plugins
  • Disabling ssl
  • Disabling cloudflare services
  • Clearing the site’s cache and browser’s cache
  • Checked in various browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc. All updated also.)
  • Theme updated

This is the screenshot from site you can see live:

I couldnt add more pic, system told me that new users can only add 1 picture.

I gave all my attention to the changes i made on site to discover when this problem occurs and i experienced it several times in a month but couldnt pinpoint the problem.

If there is someone who can comment and help, i appreciate.


Hello there,

Really sorry to hear you’ve been running such that issue. I’ve posted a response on your other topic. Please let me know if you haven’t yet received it.