Hi there,
I have a repeative problem and i couldnt find any solution, please somebody help me.


  1. Sometimes on main page, greatmag displays colums in a funny way and doesnt display hero image.
  2. Even not adding, i see a sidebar on my main page (I believe i can fix it but i want to impress that i didnt add it and suddenly it became visible on main page).
  3. Accordion doesnt work.
  4. Instagram feed doesnt load.

Checked already:

  • Disabling all plugins and healthchecking the site
  • Updating all plugins
  • Disabling ssl
  • Disabling cloudflare services
  • Clearing the site’s cache and browser’s cache
  • Checked in various browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc. All updated also.)
  • Theme updated

And this is the site you can see live:

I couldnt add more pic, system told me that new users can only add 1 picture.

Site url:

I gave all my attention to the changes i made on site to discover when this problem occurs and i experienced it several times in a month but couldnt pinpoint the problem.

If there is someone who can comment and help, i appreciate.


Hello VV,

Viewing the source code of you site, it seems likely script compression have been applied. Probably it’s resulting CSS and JS code of theme and page builder stop to load. Please check if any compression or script optimisation configurations – what will happen if they’re turned off?

To help track back what actions caused this problem, do you remember when it started to happen? Was it from the first time working with Greatmag?

If you have enough time, for comparison purpose, create a new local site and do this quick start guide.


Hello Kharis,

Thank you for replying.

Regarding your questions, i really cant remember when this issue occured at first but i know that it is not from the first time working with Greatmag.

Well, i dont use any compression or script optimization configurations. Once, i have tried a plugin to compress images and it is not installed at the moment.

Create a new local site? What do you mean? In quick start guide, i only saw that new installation of theme. Please advice.


Hello there,

Normal WP site’s source code without compression should appear like this:

Your site’s source code appears like this:

Create a new local site? What do you mean? In quick start guide, i only saw that new installation of theme. Please advice.

Sorry for being unclear. I meant, create a local installation of a WP site in your computer. Visit this documentation if you haven’t yet had it.

Once your local WP site ready, install and activate Greatmag theme. Then import the demo data as mentioned in the quick start guide.


Hi again,

Setting up Wordpress on a local computer… Well, i might use Xammp or something similar but if i decide to use it, i need download it and to install approximately 2,5GB software to my computer and then that local server will consume my RAM etc as well. I dont prefer to consume my limites sources in a such way.

If i set a local host, then, if i am not wrong you advise me to create a new copy of wordpress and install greatmag theme.

Is there no other way to fix this compression (etc) problem? Maybe, something like, uploading wordpress files to my host’s server via ftp or something? It sounds more easier to me.

But still, i cant understand why we cant strip those added codes after uninstalling plugin (and its data or alterations) that may cause the problem. Or maybe installing a new copy of Greatmag theme. I am asking these questions because i cannot pinpoint the problem and i may face with it again, so i am trying to save some time while implementing a solution.



I have reverted Main Page to an earlier version and problem solved.
Same plugins and setup.

What is your opinion on this?


Hi Kharis,

It is getting interesting. As i said before, i uploaded older version of home page and funny home page display problem is resolved. Now, it looks like there is a some caching problem. Because, after sometime home page is beginning to display funny again and when i clear the cache, it becomes fixed.

I dont know what to say about it.

Hello VV,

I checked your site and everything looks good now. Although the source code still looks compressed like this.


Clearing cache will force the browser to load latest version update applied to your site. Probably there’s something wrong before the cache activated.

If this issue occurs again in the future, here are some useful tips you could try.

Glad to know everything goes back normal. :slight_smile:

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Hello Kharis,
It is getting weird day by day.
I have 3 home pages at the moment (Firefox).
I guess i eventually prefer another theme.


Hello VV,

Does it load fine with other theme?


I really dont know, because i have lost track of problems i experienced and am experiencing.
Part of main page is being displayed on other pages at the moment, checked with many browsers.

Even source code is compressed, i dont understand why there is a major and undefineable problem.

So, at last resort, i will install wp on my computer and try your solution.
If it doesnt work, then i will extract all content and delete everything else.


well, i have installed local wordpress and demo.
It seems ok at the moment.
What’s next? I will copy wordpress files and folders to my hosted site?

Yes, give it a try.

Before doing so, you may want to back up the live site first.