Trying to use syndicated content on one page of the site.

Here is the email trail from the syndicated content developer, but it leaves me not knowing what to change on the theme.
This isn’t related to Syndicated Content, rather has to do with the WordPress theme. I disabled Syndicated Content for this test and isolated it not to be the issue.

The error present on all pages of

Quick searching on text below revealed a couple of forum posts
.wc-tabs a,.activity-content a)



Kerr Pump’s implementation page:

Does not work with code below.
And seems to disrupt the screen size settings.

Welcome to Syndicated Content! Thank you for registering - Find your webcode below.

How to add Syndicated Content to your site:


  • This script requires the popular javascript library jQuery - If you are not sure if your site is using jQuery, please reach out to us and we can confirm if it is present.

You will insert two files onto your site. One ( needs to go into your main heading template or another section that loads across your site universally. The other (syn.insert.ob.js) goes directly on the page where you want Viking Pump products to load.

Insert this code in the head section:
Insert this code to the page you want Viking Pump products to load:


Hello, sorry for delay.

I’m not sure what exactly is your issue, can you please specify it more precisely if it’s still actual?

Kind Regards, Roman.


This error is happening on all my pages. What can I do to fix this?



First, please try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Toolset Types and Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.



I deactivated all – see attached, however I am still getting errors – attached.



Does this error persist when you activate a default theme, for example Twenty Seventeen?

Kind Regards, Roman.