I am running into an error when logging into my Shop Page via Elementor. Will you help me see if any of these can be fixed on your end. I am also speaking with my Hosting Provider and Elementor Support.

Thank you for your awesome help Athemes!!!


How to Fix the ‘Preview Could Not Be Loaded’ Error

Are you seeing an error when you try to use Elementor that states: ‘Preview could not be loaded’? This is one of the most common errors on Elementor, and usually, it is quite easy to fix.
Since the error doesn’t give any other information, many beginners find it quite frustrating. In this article, we will show how you can easily fix this issue and get back to designing your website with Elementor.
If you receive the error message “the preview could not be loaded”, try the following:

  1. Deactivate plugins. Try to deactivate all your plugins besides Elementor and Elementor Pro. If it solves the issue reactivate them one by one to find the culprit.

  2. Switch theme. Switch to a default theme of WordPress such as Twenty Sixteen or Twenty Seventeen. This helps rule out an issue with the code of the theme.

  3. Check the structure of your permalinks. Try to save your permalinks one more time. Also, try to change the permalink structure to “Plain”. Some servers do not allow to write to the .htaccess file and as a matter of fact, you cannot always modify your permalink structure and edit with Elementor.

  4. Edit in incognito mode with your browser. This rules out an issue with an add-on or with the browser cache. In Chrome, at the top right, click ‘More’ and then ‘New Incognito Window’. A new window appears. In the top corner, check for the Incognito icon indicating you are in fact in incognito mode. Now, navigate back to Elementor and see if the error persists. You should also make sure no add-ons are working in incognito mode and possibly try a different browser altogether.

  5. Check conflicts with membership plugins. Check your permission on pages built with Elementor and membership plugins.

  6. Solve possible theme conflict. Contact the support of your theme to make sure that the WordPress Default Loop is used in your layout.

  7. Solve Rocket Loader issue. Elementor and Cloudflare integrate smoothly with each other. Though there is an issue with Rocket Loader. Click for the solution

  8. Solve hosting issues. Verify with your host provider if your WordPress install includes the .htaccess file. Also, check with your hosting company if your server erases the PHP $_GET variable.

If you are not able to solve the issue following any of these steps, we suggest you raise the issue in the Elementor Community in Facebook.
If you have our Pro version, you can send us your website login details and our support team will try to pinpoint the cause and fix it.

If this helps out at all?


Did you get “Preview Could Not Be Loaded” error after switching to a default theme (second step of instructions that you have mentioned above)?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I did not try as this is not an option for my business to use a default theme. The last time I switched themes like that it erased a lot of my current theme progress. I am trying to find a fix other than choosing a new theme. Am I missing the point in this switch?

thank you,


Hello Dan,

The switch is only for troubleshooting purposes, that can show if it’s a theme issue.

You might want to create a staging site for safe experiments, here is a relevant tutorial:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Did you get this issue resolve I did try switching themes but I still get the same error

Thanks for reaching out. I have not fixed it yet either. I am going to build a new page from scratch and see what is happening.

If you find anything out I would love to know.

I also have a weird one if you want to check out. (The first blog posts come up off center by about an inch. It has always stumped me.

Hope all is well. Thanks for your help.

Dan Brue

all my other pages is fine it is only the woocommerce cart page