HTML in menu items?


I’m currently making a website for my business and I’m not so good at web coding etc.
Instead of going to a specific link, I would like to make the “Contact” menu item do the following:

<a href="#" onclick=“chatShow()” data-event=“Clicked chat from contact page”>YOUR TEXT</a>

chatShow() will open up a chat box plugin on the bottom right of the screen.
I put this accompanying script in the header:

function chatShow(e) {

The script itself does work, it’s just an issue of making a menu item do it, rather than a text link. Also, I would like to make the call to action button in the slider do the same thing. If we can’t get the menu doing it, then I would at least like the call to action button to do it.

So is there any way to insert HTML into menu items/call to action button? Or am I on the wrong track here?



Can you share your site URL here? and please tell me the HTML code that you want to insert to the existing menu/CTA button.


<a href="#" onclick=“chatShow()” data-event=“Clicked chat from contact page”>Contact Us</a>

*<a href="#" onclick="chatShow()" data-event="Clicked chat from contact page">Contact Us</a>*

Looks like you didn’t need to put HTML code to the contact menu. You can use the current contact menu and then add this javascript code snippet below:

jQuery('li#menu-item-25 a').click(function(e){

You can add that code using this plugin:


Thanks, Awan, it worked brilliantly!

Any way to make it do the same thing on the call to action button?

Thank you again!

Here is if for the CTA button:

jQuery('.sydney-hero-area a.button-slider').click(function(e){