HTML in Header Title and/or Header Text possible?

Is there a possibility to put HTML Code into the Header Title or Header Text?

I need this for a personalized Login / Welcome Text.

Thank You!

Nope, both those fields are sanitized and they don’t allow HTML, sorry.

Thank you for your reply. Is there any workaround possiblity? I just need to paste some shortcodes in those fields…

There is, yes, but there will be coding involved. You’ll have to remove the sanitization. Do you have child theme?

How can I remove it? I do not have a child theme. What do I have to do?

Thank you

As I said, you would need a child theme and you would need to be able to recode some things in customizer.php and header.php. I am really sorry, but this is beyond the scope of this forum.

OK. Thank You Anyway. Maybe that´s a feature for the Pro Version :wink: