Html in customizer?

I want to add html tags in text area in customizer. How can I do this?


Hi there,

Can you please explain more detail? Is it for the homepage widgets?
If so, you can use the “Text” widget to put your HTML code.


I just want to make this phone number in a href tag to be clickeble.
Could you help me?

Oh I see… You can do that using this javascript below.
But, firstly, you have to install and activate this plugin TC Custom JavaScript — WordPress Plugins
Then put this code in there:

var text = jQuery('.header-subtext').text()
jQuery('.header-subtext').html('<a href="tel:'+text+'">'+text+'</a>')


Great you are the best

But now how can I add an Icon?

Yhanks again

Change the code with this:

var text = jQuery('.header-subtext').text()
var icon = '<i class="fa fa-phone"></i>'
jQuery('.header-subtext').html('<a href="tel:'+text+'">'+icon+' '+text+'</a>')