How to welcome title and CTA button over revolution slider

Hi there,
Thank you for the beautiful wp theme.
Everything’s fine except few issues;
1- the most important for me:
I can’t get welcome title and CTA button to be seen when I use Revolution slider. Not even bellow it how I saw it done on one demo site(though I don’t want it so) .
Is there any way to get those appearing over the revolution slider like they appear when I enable Moesia embedded video header.

2- It would be nice if you’ll add to Font section a way to modify font size in Welcome area. I did it on css file but your theme is so nice and deserve that addition.
3- your theme comes with some plugin recommendations to install. One of them is Punch Fonts which allows to install additional google fonts. It would be nice if any newly installed font will appear on theme’s fonts list.

Please tell me first how to solve the 1th issue.
Thank you


  1. The demo site doesn’t have the Welcome title displayed over Revolution Slider. That text is added with Revolution. So basically we’re not displaying it because most people prefer to add different text with Revolution with different animations and stuff.
  2. Sure, it will be added in a future version.
  3. Punch Fonts actually comes together with Revolution Slider. We’ll be releasing our own lightweight plugin for choosing any font from Google Fonts - probably tomorrow or the day after.

Vlad, thank you so much for lighting fast reply!

Moesia welcome area implementation looks very fine already and I saw the Rev slider settings looks quite complicated (for me) so I thought it would be easier to change some lines by hand than clicking those buttons in Revolution plugin :slight_smile:
Well, if you say it’s easier to use Revolution plugin and one can get the same appearance/animation …then I’ll try to solve my issue clicking those buttons …