How to use Crelly slider on multi-language site?


I purchased pro version for a multi-language site running Polylang, but I’m having trouble with text on the slider in two languages.

If I set the slider using the customizer (Header Area > Crelly Slider), that slider appears on ALL pages that use the Front Page template. It doesn’t appear possible to translate that.

If I set the main page in language 1 and the main page in language 2 to template= Crelly Slider or Crelly Slider-wide, I can assign separate sliders to them, one created with language 1 text and the other with language 2 text. And with Page Builder I can make the pages look OK. BUT the page title (“Home”) appears on pages using the “Crelly” templates.

There’s supposed to be a setting in Rocked Pro to suppress the page title, but I don’t see it. Am I missing something?

Site is