How to turn off Header Video Loop


i need to turn off the header video loop in Perth Pro II Theme.
how can i do this.
I tried changing loop option to “off” in Header.php but it did not work.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Could you please share your header.php code here and post the link into it here, so I could take a closer look?


Here it is

Header PHP GitHub

Is your site being cached by a plugin like W3 Total Cache? If so, please clear all cache and reload your site.


Its a clean install of wordpress 4.6.1 only with required plugins for the theme.
No Cache used.

Cleaned Browser cache also.
The Video is still in loop mode.

is there any other video controls that might overwrite the option in the header.
Maybe i can add a new line in main.min.js
Already made changes to this to turn on sound of the video.
But i have no experience in coding.

Got it.

Added this to main.min.js and it worked

jQuery(function($) {
$(’.video-container video’).prop(‘muted’, false);
$(’.video-container video’).prop(‘loop’, false);

Thank you anyway.

Hello there,

I am glad to know that you have been able to manage it by yourself. And thanks a lot for sharing. It will be very useful for others.

Just for information, editing the core JS file of the theme isn’t recommended thing to do due to it will be overwritten once the theme gets updated. Alternatively, to retain the code addition, you can use the TC Custom JavaScript plugin.


Thank you for information.
I will try the plugin if it works around so my core files stay untouched.