How to sync slider with strap lines for all browsers

Hi (using bistro, obviously)
Having lots of difficulty syncing the slider photo with the text. I want 1st picture with 1 piece of text (strap lines) then 2nd picture with 2nd strap line etc. But these change at different times. I have played with the slider speed but over time they go out of sync again

Slowing/speeding up down the slider speed does not seem to translate into other browsers/devices i.e get it right for chrome but out of sync in safari or IE

There must be a way to sync them

Any help available?

Hello Nick,

Hm, that issue should be fixed. Make sure that you are using latest sydney and latst bistro theme, and check this again.

If problem persists, please try solution from this ticket

Let us know how it turned out.
Best Regards!