How to slow down slider "zoom in" speed (not duration of slide)


Is there a way to slow down how fast my header images fly in from the right to the left (header slider)?




Anything? The slider is moving too fast. Can I somehow slow it down on the homepage? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m trying to fix the speed of the slider zooming in…any help??? TY

Not sure why, but why can’t I get a response to this? Thank you.


Currently there is no option to manage that on the native theme’s slider.

Alternatively you can use third party slider plugin that may have the slide settings as you want like Smart Slider.

To enable an additional slider plugin like this, you can enable shortcode type of header, that will allow you to insert the slider shortcode from Customize > Header area > Shortcode. This option is only available on Sydney Pro. Check this link, in case you’re interested to upgrade.

aThemes Support