How to set up slug in the services?

i created several items in services and i use Sydney FP:Services Type A widget to show the items in pages. But, the slug in services doesn’t work well.

I can’t create the same slug to 2 items in services.
it makes me couldn’t control what to show in different Sydney FP:Services Type A widget.

So, I am forced to leave the slug empty in the Sydney FP:Services Type A widget to show all the services items even some items I don’t want to show.

Please give me instructions to show how to make slug work correctly.

Hello there,

Could you confirm if you have entered the slug name correctly? Please check it once again, go to Services > Categories > see the “Slug” column.


Dear Mr. Kharis Sulisti,

Thank you for reply.
Unfortunately, there is no “categories” in the services.
In the services, I only have two items. They are “All items” and “Add new”.

I am pretty sure that I entered slug correctly.

I watched a movie which is teaching how to build a website with Sydney theme.
In the move, we can see categories. The author entered some words in the field and it makes “Sydney FP:Services Type A widget” works very well.
I couldn’t see category when adding a new service. I can only see slug.
So, I entered some words in the slug field instead of category field.

If you have category field in adding a service and I don’t, I think it is the problem.

If you still have any advise, please feel free to share with many thanks.

Hello there,

Please go to Types > Post Types > Services. In the “Taxonomies to be used with Services” meta box, give check on “Categories”. Click “Save Post Type” button.