How to set up parallax

Hello, I was trying to set up the parallax effect several times but nothing happened. Could you please make a step by step guide so my text won’t be sticky and come alive. Thank you :))


There’s nothing you need to do. Parallax is automatically applied for the default header slider and for the page builder rows background images. Where is it not working for you?

It’s not working anywhere.
This is what I do
>make a row>make a timeline widget>widget styles>Background Image Display-parallax> but after I saved it was still the same and the text was still sticky. Any advice? Or Plugin?

Don’t set your image from the widget styles. Set it from Edit Row > Theme. See here please where you need to go:

Okay This is probably some misunderstanding It has nothing to do with the image I just want to make a parallax effect for the text :slight_smile: So when I scroll down the text will move to the sides and so on. I’ve seen it several times on some Sydney websites.

Can you show me an example site please? That’s not a feature in the theme.

That will be a problem :smiley: I didn’t save those sites. Ughh

Well let me know if you come across any and we’ll see then.