How to scroll to a widget from the header button

Hi Vlad

I have struggle to find the URL needed to scroll down to a specific row or widget on the front page.

I need to go to the service block



I still have the problem and really don’t know how to find the solution

Please help

Sorry, I missed this one.
You only need to add the ID. For services it’s #services. So you would basically add

Hi Vlad,

First: Thanks for an awesome theme, is there a donate button somewhere?
If not I’ll buy a premium to show my love ;-).

Question: Trying the same thing as ninbox, can’t seem to get it working.
It’s a newly made page, so I enter url+ Page ID but it doesn’t scroll.

Any way to fix this? Thanks in advance,



We don’t accept donations and there isn’t a premium version of Intro at the moment.

I never said you should enter the page ID, I said you need to add the ID of the section you’re trying to link to. Which would be services in ninbox’s case. You can also add the ID of the row. You can find IDs with this tool:

I just tried this method out I found the page id using the devtools and put that as the URL for the call to action button link. However instead of scrolling down the page to the specified row it simply reloads the page and places the row at the top (which is partially hidden by the top bar with the logo). Is there a way to set it to scroll down when clicked instead of reloading the page? Thanks

By the way my site url is so you can see what I mean. I also have some other questions but I’ll put those in separate posts on the forum.

You should add only the ID if you want it to move there without reloading. Right now you have

Oh ok that makes it move to the section is there a way to have the page scroll down to the section as if they scrolled themselves? Right now it just jumps straight to the section which is fine but would be cool if it could use the scrolling animation. Thanks for your help though thus far and your very speedy response.

That’s already on the list for a future update.

Hey, I got a swift workaround on the scrolling, it’s a plugin called:
WP LocalScroll

Install, activate, done.