How to remove title

how to remove title on a page
page has a gray line with title name and i cant remove it with title remover
i would like to remove title and the gray thick line under header


I don’t see the gray line under the title on this theme. can you provide the screenshot?

hi.if you check the screenshot,the blue color is my header and under this it is a gray thick lie which says the name of the this case is contact.
i would like to remove the title ‘contact’ with the gray line as well.
i tries the plugin ‘no title’ but it doesn’t work for quill theme
thanks in advance

I see, you can try to add this custom css code then,

.title-banner {
    display: none;

it disappear the banner ,but it is has a white gap.
can we make the title to touch the header?

oh… you want to remove the title of the widget?
here is the css code:

.widget-title {
    display: none !important;

i would like the ‘GET IN TOUCH’ with the frame around it to touch the blue header.with other words to move it up
sorry for misunderstanding.i didnt explain it properly.

Do you have a link to your site? so I can help you further