How to remove Title, Meta-Tags, and Thumbnail in a clean way?


When I remove all these properties via CSS (display: none;), they are still loading at the beginning. You can see it on this blog-entry:

How can I remove all this stuff in a clean way (so that its not gonna load first)?

Thank you very much in advance!




On that page I only see the title loaded, no meta and thumbnail, you want to hide the title too or what you want to achieve? Please clarify.

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Hey Csaba,

you’re right, I didn’t explain it well enough. I will try it now:

I already removed title, meta tags and thumbnail via CSS (display: none;), so they are not visible anymore. The Title you see on my page is a custom text from Visual Composer, not the one from the theme.

The problem now is, that the components I removed (title, meta tags and thumbnail) are still loading at the very first, when you open the page. They are hidden, but in the background they are loading. You see that, because the main content is moving slightly upwards after a few miliseconds. When you can’t see it at the first try, just refresh the page.

My question now is: How can I remove these components (title, meta tags and thumbnail from the theme) without that ugly “preloading”?

Thank you in advance!



Just in case you don’t know what I mean, I made a short screenrecord of how it looks when I refresh my page (testet it on several PCs). I uploaded it here:

I really don’t want to be impolite, but will I still get an answer?
(Because newer threads here already got answered)