How to remove the transperancy on product category

So basicly i dont like how dark my images get. Can you tell me how to fix it ?
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ELLEY Jewelry


Please post a link to your website, so I can check.

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On “Категории” section. I wanna the image to be normal. And if possible the text to be on bottom no in the image or atleaste if its possible to not be black pictures :slight_smile:

Somehow its fixed. Now if someone can help me with my other questions please :slight_smile:

Product Category:

  1. How to change on product-category to make the images clickable not only the text.
  2. How to remove the (**) After the name of the category where its showing the items in it.

New Products:

  1. How to change the size of the products listed in New Products.
  2. How to change the color of the button with the card (Its blue now)

Menu on Left:

  1. How to change its color. I saw that with admin menu i can change only the color when the mouse on it. Can i change the black color too ?

When you click on my site you will see the “Нови Продукти” and “Категории” can you tell me how to change there style. Its Arial probably now and i wanna to try different styles.

Hope i can put this here like that not 1 by 1 in different posts.

Please help me i try to build my site by myself and i know very little PHP/HTML.
Thank you


Great! I’m glad it’s resolved. about your other questions please open a new topic ( 1 topic / 1 question, please ).

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