How to remove the theme completely - Part II


I think I was a little too fast in accepting the answer in the thread “How to remove the theme completely”.

If I follow this recipe, then switch to another theme, and remove the Sydney theme, install Sydney again and activate it, much of the setup from the old Sydney site is still there. Parts deleted back then are still deleted etc.

What I’m looking for is a way to remove the theme completely, with all its settings, install Sydney again, and then be at the same stage I was in, just after installing Sydney the first time.

Is this possible?




I think I remember the old topic, I probably recommended Adminer?
Anyway, what I said then was that using Adminer you can delete the theme_mods, so the changes you make from the Customizer.

Other changes that aren’t exactly theme related, like the pages you build with the Page Builder plugin for example won’t be removed.
Also, Sydney won’t rewrite something deleted in the database when reactivating the theme. Only sane defaults around here :slight_smile:

Maybe mention exactly what wasn’t removed please.

Thanks for the answers, Vlad, they give me a better understanding of how it works.

I ended up emptying the database, removed WordPress and reinstalled.

Have begun setting up Perth this time, this theme looks very promising indeed!