How to remove the blank space between header & pages?

hi, i’m having this trouble removing the space between header & page.

please see the webpage below:投资移民/188a-888a-类投资移民/

when i go throgh custmizing - general - page wrapper - top padding,
i set it to 0, but there’s still gaps,

i read all relevant posts here, tried to add css code to remove it, but none of them works for mine site.

could you please help to solve the problem? id really appreciate some help. thanks


I noticed that you are using “Full width” page template for your homepage. Can you please to change it to “Front Page” page template first? You can change it from: Edit page > then choose “Page attribute” option on the right side.


hi awan, yep, already changed to front page, what should i do next?

Then put this CSS code in your Customize > Additional CSS:

.page-id-112 .panel-row-style:first-child {
    padding-top: 0 !important;

hi Awan, it works! thanks soooooo much !

and how can i apply that to every pages?

Then you have to change the page-id from the code in above.
Here is how to get the page id:

  1. Open the browser dev tools on your browser (use chrome browser). Right-click the page then choose Inspect
  2. Choose the “Elements” tab then find the page-id like in this screenshot
  3. Example, if your page-id is page-id-234 then the CSS code would be like this:
.page-id-234 .panel-row-style:first-child {
    padding-top: 0 !important;

got it! thanks a lot awan :smiley:

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