How to remove the background color from the header?

how to remove that annoying background from my header you only allow to change color and there is no transparent option:
site :
screenshot :


I can’t access the screenshot you’ve shared.

Did you mean that you want the header displayed like this If yes, add these CSS code below using Custom CSS plugin or add it to the styles.css file in your child theme:

.top-header, .main-header, .bottom-header {
    background-color: transparent;
    border: none;


100% thanks a lot

One more thing i was using before areview theme from your time now i have notice that featured image size has changed and they are not organize the same size as they should be.
I have been using the same plugin since ever "Featured Image"
How to fix the size ?
Thanks in advance

I am sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you please to explain it more clearly? or you can also to take a screenshot > upload it to cloud app and share the link here.

Hmm… you’ve mention Areview theme, did the question is related with Areview theme? if yes, its better if you post the question in Areview forum.


Hi Awam,
I said that i was before using NewsAnchor i was using areview in the past.
When i changed to the NewsAnchor the featured image has stopped working as they should it’s giving random size

Oh I see… its because the NewsAnchor theme has difference CSS styles to displaying the thumbnail.
To have a fix thumbnail image size, you might use these CSS code:

.content-area .thumb img {
    width: 180px;

And this to add space between the thumbnail and the social media icons:

.content-area .thumb {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

Awesome thanks it worked perfectly :slight_smile:
One last think how to put only the last tow post an ad code like here ?? where shoul i put the code in the theme editor ?

only on the last tow post**

Sorry… I dont’t understand your questions, did you mean that you want to increase / decrease the space between title and content?

I want to display an ad code between only the 2 first post

I see, maybe you’ll need to install the plugin such as: