How to remove sidebar from front page as in your demo page

I am using Mosea theme but in my front page i am having a side bar which i want remove & take advantage of full width of that page as in your demo page. Please tell me, how can i do that.

Have a look at the documentation please. You’ll see there what you need to do.

Yes i read documentation but didn’t find anything regarding sidebar. Please help.

You don’t need to worry about the sidebar. You just need to set a static front page and assign the Front Page template to it and it will be displayed without sidebar.

In short:

  1. Create two pages (one for the front page and one for the blog page)
  2. Go to the Customizer > Static Front Page and set a page as the front page, and another as the blog page.
  3. Edit the one you’ve set as the front page and assign the Front Page template to it. You’ll see that there is no sidebar.
  4. Add widgets from the Page Builder (widget marked with FP).

I followed the steps But its not working.
Have a look here (just to give you a brief idea)

See the nr.3 step again from my previous answer. Edit your page (the one you’ve set as a static front page), find the Page Attributes tab in the right side, and select Front Page from the Template dropdown, then update your page. At the moment you are using the default template.

Oh Yes! Thanks alot. It worked for me. Thanks a ton

Glad you did it. Also, you should only use the widgets marked with FP to build your front page, at least until the next theme update.