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Good morning to all.
I hate the term newbie but i am in relation to WordPress and I have a question please.
I use the featured image function within this theme but I can’t seem to work out how to remove the generic grey border that appears on all the featured images.
It is clear I need to resize the image and on the face of it seems a simple enough procedure but the grey border looks awful on each of these featured images.
Can anyone advise how i can remove this please?:confused:
border issue



Please post a link to your website, to a page where you have an image with a border, so I can give you a working solution to remove the border from your images.

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Hi Csaba and many thanks for responding so quickly.
I did find a solution to this at
but if you have a better way of sorting this it would be helpful please.
You know I think my brain has stopped functioning today because I now can’t seem to resize the featured images properly so they show the whole image on my start page. Some guidance here would be most appreciated. You can view here
Thank you kindly



Yes, that’s correct / the easiest way to remove the borders around the images. Please point out which images’ size you can’t modify, so I can check what’s wrong there.

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Im so sorry i just needed to resize the images after all but thanks for
responding. Its the header banner height I really need to adjust now and I
imagine that will have to do with adjusting css somewhere but don’t know
where. Will you advise please?



Do you want to modify the height of the header by reducing the logo / menu height or exactly which part’s height would you like to reduce? Please clarify.

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Dimikjones kindly gave me a working solution to this with some custom css
which reduces the main titles font and enables manual editing on the
padding which I’ve played around with to get a usable size. The reason I
asked originally was because the header size while ok in pc browser was far
too large on my cellphone and seeing I was using sticky menu it made it
very awkward to read on both.
The overall height of the header is still a little too big for my liking
but it’s a trade off between a readable and acceptable font size from a
design point of view and overall header height.
Changing themes at this point is not practical as I’ll most likely run in
to another set of issues due to the lack of inbuilt theme customization



Ok, so you don’t want to reduce the header height ( which can be done by reducing the site title / logo and also the padding in the header )? Please let me know.

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Hello Csaba as I mentioned in my previous post.

And yes no more reduction of
site title (no logo involved) ergo, I imagine further adjustment of the padding to reduce the overall height of the header is the only option open to me unless you know some magic otherwise.



Yes, I see you’ve already reduced the padding too, unfortunately nothing else can be done there to reduce the height, just by reducing the site-title and the padding.

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No problem I’ll work with it for now once I find a new host for my site shortly.

Thanks for your input, always appreciated




Ok. Great! You’re most welcome! If you need help with anything else, please open a new topic.

Have a nice day!

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