How to remove empty space at top and bottom of homepage

I have some empty white space at the top and bottom of my front page. (Between header video and "Sr. Camp/Jr. Camp row.) (Also between orange social media row and footer.) It doesn’t seem to be from any of the rows. When I adjust the Top/Bottom padding, the white space doesn’t change. What is causing it and how do I get rid of it?

I’d also like to remove the “Home” text from the front page.


I figured out that it’s the “Background Color” (Customize > Colors > General) but still don’t know why the extra space is there.


I noticed you are using “Full width” template for your homepage.
Can you change it to “Frontpage” template instead? you can change it from the “Page Attributes” when you edit the page.

Also, make sure you set the page as “Front page” on the Customizer.


Perfect! Thanks!

Is there a way to make the photo in the row under the header video not “parallax”? I’ve tried a bunch of different widget types but none seem to be able to have two widgets side-by-side with buttons and a background photo that doesn’t parallax.