How to remove credits

Dear aThemes,

Can the footer that displays the credits be removed? If so would you kindly instruct me how do it?



In the latest version, which I see that you are using, we’ve added an option to change the credits and you can find it in Appearance > Customize > Footer Credits. If you want to remove it completely, without adding your own credits, you can add this into a custom CSS plugin:

.site-footer {
   display: none;

To answer the question from your other thread: footer widgets are hidden by default on smaller screens. To change this behaviour please add this to a custom CSS plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px) {
   .footer-widget-area {
       display: block;


Thank you for the reply.

Regarding the footer widgets, I would like to display them properly rather than remove them (currently I’m getting a blank space where they should be displaying).


I’m not sure I understand. Have you added the code I gave you? It doesn’t seem like you did at the moment.


Thank you the follow up. I added the code you gave me but I still have the problem. I’m attaching an image for your reference:


The widgets show up fine but I still get that empty block. I’m thinking its related to the ‘Moesia FP: Contact’ widget.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


Oh, I see now. So basically the footer widgets thing is solved.

The white space there (I assume that’s what bothers you) is there because of the height of your background image.


  • Your background image for the Contact widget is 936px in height.
  • Your Contact widget at iPhone width has a height of 1055px.
    Basically, there not enough image to cover the whole section.

You can change the image or you can let me know if you want to keep and we can see about reducing the height for that section a bit.