How to remove black bars on main and blog post images

What size do the images need to be so the black bars are not displayed on the sides and bottoms?

Hi, can you elaborate more about your questions? did you mean that the black bar is the header image? if so the dimension of the image for the header is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

you can configure it from customize > header image

Hello simply there is a black bar at the bottom guess my image size is off. What is the image size or aspect ratio for blog post images?

Hi, did you mean like the image in this capture?

That is a footer, and there is no configure to add an image on footer. Except if you have a child theme, you can customize it from footer.php

I meant here

but I will just redo the image to the correct size. What is the aspect ratio for blog post images?

Oh I see, that was not a black bar, but you have margin on the bottom of the header image. you can remove the margin by add this code using custom css plugin:

#header-banner {
    margin-bottom: 0;

Thanks would you be able to tell me what the aspect ratio for blog post images?

If you are using full width for the blog post, you’ll need image dimension 1000px x 438px

but if you are not in full width you’ll need 700p x 340px