How to reduce the height of the header slider?

In the demo side for sydney pro the header are slide does not cover the complete height of the browser but rather ~2/3 of it.
On my site the slide are spans over the complete height of the window- so nothing of the “services” are is seen until you scroll. How can I change this behaviour so that it is more like the demo site? I tried to use a narrower slide image but it did not have any effect.

You’re using the default slider which works in full screen mode. You should switch to Revolution Slider which is included with your copy of the theme and it lets you set a height for your slider. Have you installed Revolution Slider when the theme prompted you to?

That works, thanks!

BTW: there is a new version of the revolution slider plugin. Could you please send it to me? I understand from the themepunch website that I should request the upgrade from yourself.


Yeap, I’m waiting for my colleague to send me the latest Revolution so I can update the themes. I cannot send you only that file as this would be against the plugin’s license. We have a guide that shows how to update it, takes just a 2-3 minutes.

Back to the original question: I did as suggested and updated the front page header to be a “revolution slider”. However- now it looks really bad on mobile- our logo covers the slogan, and the slogan is only half shown. the site is now open on: