How to put on same row two call to action widgets?

I am trying to include a row like the one from your demo (DO YOU WANT TO…) with two Call to Actions widgets (MEET THE TEAM and SEE SOME FACTS) but I can only get one below the other, not in the same row like yours. If I am creating a row with two columns and insert the widgets, it works but I can not include the title (DO YOU WANT…) in the same field. If I insert this in a separate row, the two rows (title and row with widgets can not share the same picture as background).

Also, if I choose a background for the call to action widget style, this one is opaque, not transparent and the background picture is covered.

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(link is

Hello there,

Please follow these steps below to create double-cta button like the demo:

  1. create a row
  • edit row > Row styles > Theme > Background Image > upload your image
  1. add “text widget” to the row
  • edit the widget
    – add the title
    – Add css rule to Widget styles > attribute > css styles: padding-bottom: 10px;
  1. add “layout builder widget” to the row
  • add 2 rows to the “layout builder widget”
    – add cta button widget to those rows
  • Edit “layout builder widget” > Edit row > Row styles > Themes > Top/bottom padding = 0

Thank you so much! Very quick and professional! The only problem I still have is that if I choose a background arround the cta, a little bit darker, mine is opaque, no transparency like in the demo.

for the opacity of the cta wrapper, you can add these css rule to: Edit layout builder widget > Edit cta widget > widget styles > css styles :
opacity: 0.5;

Fine, thank you!