How to put logo at the top of all pages

How do I put my logo at the top of every page without placing a “slider” at the top of every page? I have the slider on the home page (with the logo) – I only want the logo on all other pages.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Did you upload your logo from Appearance > Customize > Site title/tagline/logo? Have you tried to disable the header slider in your inner pages from Appearance > Customize > Header Area > Header type > Site header type, and then select “No header (only menu)”?


Well, I’m red-faced. I had put up a logo with black type - and so it disappeared against the black background found on some of my pages. The logo was there the whole time - but camouflaged. So… nevermind, it works great after being replaced with the same logo with white type! (Maybe somebody else with the same “problem” can save a few gray hairs.) Thanks for getting back to me - Keith