How to make photos in projects the same dimension?


I am arranging my portfolio and they vary in dimensions, so the different sizes of photos doesn’t look harmonious on the web. How can I make them the same dimensions like the demo showed? Thanks!


you can use these css code below to make the portfolio image has same dimension:

.project-item.item img {
    height: 250px;
    width: 300px;

Thank you! I tried to paste it in the content of the text widget (where the project is shown) but it didn’t work. Is this the right way to do? Or where I should paste the code? Thanks again!

oh sorry, you have to put the css code above using custom css plugin instead :smiley:

maybe this can help

Thanks Awan! The photos now have the same dimensions. One last question: The photos look squeezed on the screen after switching to a laptop from PC, but the demo one doesn’t have this problem. Is there any way to solve this? Thank you!