How to make footer shorter?

i use footer1,2,3,4 and i have small icons which are located in the middle of the footer automatically. as a result there is a huge empty space above and underneath the icons with to make it shorter?
footer right now keeps the half size of my screen


Can you please post a link to your site so I can see exactly what you have there?

can i send photo?
website is currently issues.
i have access only to admin panel

Yeah, use an online service like to take a screenshot and share the link.

Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.footer-widgets {
     padding: 15px 0;

hi again
thanks for your quick response
i send you the link to see how it looks now

it is much better but i have notice that padding doesn’t change if i make it 10px to make it shorter.
also icons and content are not in the middle.still big gap underneath icons
can we do something about it?

Can we handle this after your site is live please so I can see exactly what you have there? Those icons might have their own margins which i cannot help remove if i dont see it live.

ok.thanks for your help.
i ll send the link when is ready.
by the way icons are customs 100x100.i ve tried only content as well which is one line only and still the same issue.content is no in the middle