How to Make 3 Services per Row extra wide, like the Sydney demo page

When I look at this page I see the width of the columns that I wish to create-

Do I need to look at the page title code to find out how they created the 3 columns to be that width?

My page is here, and the columns are not nearly as wide. Am I missing something? Or do I just need some custom CSS?

Also, do I need custom CSS to center the rows? The options in the panels provided don’t actually center either row.

Thank you for your help!

Our demo homepage uses Front Page template which can be enabled when editing the page, in the Page Attributes options, select Front Page template, then update.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for the suggestion! I need to go through those template options.

How do I center the 2nd row of services?

Thanks for your help!


Hello Ben,

I don’t see any service on your second row. So you don’t need the phone image column and want to have services in center only?