How to link menu to titles h3

Hi!, Thanks a lot for the great theme! everything works great, just a question, how can i link the menú items to the titles of the widgets on the front page? so it scroll down automatically

Ex. On the menu add the url of the services widget (

Is there a way? or can i give id to the widgets so it can work as i want to?

Greeting from México, and forgive my english, its not at 100% yet.


You can simply add the ID for that widget or row in the menu by using the Links tab.

Thanks a lot, could you provide me an example of the url?



That’s exactly it: you need to add #services or whatever else ID you have for your section.

Hi there,

I’m testing this theme in a local installation and i have a little problem with menu links. I have added a menu as you told in this topic and now, when i click on this menu the first time, it scrolls more and i cannot see the h3 title. If i click a second time then scrolls right and i can see the h3 title. If a click again the h3 title dissapear again.

How can i fix this?

Best regards.

Yeah, we’re going to change some things in the next version to handle this.

It´s already working, the ID was the key


The problem was than at the front page, i change the id section name to spanish servicios, and the menú seems to have problems to make it work with a diferent name, reset the default options, leave the id widget as #services, and that´s all.

Thanks for the support and the awesome theme again, (also seems to have a slow motion with big pics, if possible, leave as the recommended size.)